Archival Editions

One of Bunny’s last projects was a series of Large Format Limited Edition archival black and white silver gelatin prints of her most iconic images. Selected and published by Bunny and Bunny Yeager Studio partner Barry Fellman, these prints reflect Bunny’s exacting standards and bold confidence. They are archivally processed in the darkroom on luxurious warm double weight silver gelatin photographic paper, using modern contrast control filters that breathe new life into the stories behind Bunny’s vision. Envisioned as an ongoing series, prints from only thirty images were completed before Bunny left to join the chorus above the sun.

A select few of these rare signed photographs are available, outside of those that are in museum collections. They were made in 16″x20″ and 20″x24″ formats in editions of 10 and 5 respectively. Inquire here for more information.