The Best of Bunny
Celebrating Yeager’s Most Famous Models and Photographs

Our exhibition celebrates Yeager’s iconic images from her early career to recent photo shoots at her studio in Wynwood. Included are previously unseen self-portraits remarkable for their originality and directness and vintage photographs from Yeager’s archive made on location, in South Florida and Mexico.

Bunny Yeager is the legendary model, photographer, writer and swimsuit designer whose pictures of Bettie Page catapulted both Page and Yeager to fame in 1954.  The publication of Yeager’s centerfold photo of Bettie Page in Playboy launched Yeager’s photographic career and began a lifelong pursuit as a trailblazer advancing women’s rights.  Bettie Page was the first of many models Yeager discovered and brought to the attention of an entire generation of men who continue to find them captivating.

Yeager defined a new genre of portraiture with her sensual images of the girl next door and with her self portraits.  Beginning with her early photographs for men’s magazines in the 1950’s she produced compelling images both in the studio and on location.  Her groundbreaking work inspired and influenced a new generation of photographers from Cindy Sherman to those who shoot swimsuit models outdoors for Sports Illustrated.

Based in Miami since the 1950’s, Yeager developed special techniques for camera, location and lighting that mark each of her images as indelibly hers.  Yeager is a master at envisioning and bringing out the unique qualities of the female form in each of her models.  The tricks and secrets of her direct and beguiling images are published in over 30 books she has written over the last 50 years.

The exhibition is presented at the Bunny Yeager Studio in Wynwood.  Yeager’s studio is a permanent venue that celebrates her work as a portrait photographer and present exhibitions of her most famous images of women at their most natural and seductiveBunny Yeager launched CVC’s Miami Masters studio program, an initiative that provides working studio and exhibition facilities to South Florida’s most notable artists. Center for Visual Communication’s Miami Masters series celebrates Miami Arts icons that have long influenced and shaped South Florida’s now vibrant art scene.