Miami Creative Movement
on view through March 15, 2023

At the turn of the 20th century Miami was a frontier town. On the verge of great change.

The same was true as we exploded into the 21st with an overheated real estate market that saw more cranes than parks, that saw Brickell avenue transform into the “Wall Street” of the South” and as tech entrepreneurs reframed the city as a supercharged connection to the Americas for finance and technology.

And the same is true now – two decades in, as we push the frontier and reinvent ourselves as a top international destination in the face of sea level rise and COVID. But now there is a new force behind us – a deep, diverse and rich cultural foundation.

A foundation built by a community of committed artists, philanthropists and civic heroes. We ushered in the new millennium with world class architectural landmarks – a performing arts center, an Art museum and a science museum sited synergistically at the center of the city.

This exhibition is a celebration of that community and of the many of the artists who have contributed to building that foundation.