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Fire Station in Miami Beach, 1955.

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© Bunny Yeager Studio

Throughout her career, Bunny Yeager broke barriers and challenged conventions, paving the way for future generations of female photographers. Her legacy continues to inspire artists and enthusiasts alike, cementing her status as a pioneering figure in the history of photography and the representation of female beauty.

Bunny used her artistry to challenge societal norms and spark conversations about femininity, sexuality, and self-expression. Her photographs served as a platform for social commentary, advocating for body positivity, consent, and autonomy.

Archive – Limited Edition Prints



Self Portrait of Bunny Yeager in Naples, Florida 1959.

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© Bunny Yeager Studio

Archive – Limited Edition Prints




Iconic Self Portrait of Bunny Yeager with Bettie Page at Africa USA in Boca Raton, Summer 1954.

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© Bunny Yeager Studio

Bunny Yeager’s legacy transcends mere imagery; it embodies resilience, authenticity, and the relentless pursuit of equality. Her influence reverberates through generations, inspiring a new wave of artists to defy stereotypes, amplify marginalized voices, and pave the way for a more equitable and diverse artistic landscape. Bunny Yeager’s visionary spirit continues to illuminate our collective consciousness, reminding us of the power of art to challenge, inspire, and unite us all.

One of Yeager’s favorite models was the incredible Bettie Page. They were the perfect duo, Yeager’s keen eye for composition and Page’s natural charisma and beauty proved to be a winning combination. Together, they created photographs that captured the essence of mid-20th-century American culture, blending sensuality, innocence, and a hint of rebellion.

Photograph above is one of many shots captured at Africa USA located in Boca Raton, Florida. This body of work in particular coins the name Jungle woman turned sultry savage.

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Miami Creative: A Decade of Transformation
Featured at Miami Book Fair !
New Photo Book Celebrates Decade-Long Arts Movement that Transformed Miami

Barry Fellman’s new photo book explodes with the energy and creativity that have turned Miami into a global artistic force and World Class City. More than two hundred vibrant photos shows how the arts have propelled Miami into a top destination for visitors worldwide and a creative class that is reinventing the city. The coffee table book, which will be released this Fall, celebrates shared experiences and pivotal moments of the new Miami. This is a story of joy and diversity – a roadmap and beacon leading us out of the pandemic to build community.

Miami Creative: A Decade of Transformation
Arts and Culture Movement Propels Miami to World Class Status

New Photo Book by Barry Fellman Chronicles the Power of Arts to Build Community
Introduction by Alberto Ibargüen, Essay by Jordan Levin, Featured at Miami Book Fair  

The last decade has seen Miami rise to international prominence as an arts and culture mecca. Barry Fellman’s new photo book, Miami Creative: A Decade of Transformation explodes with the energy and creativity that have turned Miami into a global artistic force and World Class City.

More than two hundred compelling photos chronicle how Miami’s unique and vibrant artistic life, from museums and performance halls to popular grassroots events, has made the city a top travel destination for visitors worldwide and lured a fast growing class of young creatives to call Miami home. The coffee table book shows how the arts have transformed Miami, building community through shared experiences with joy and diversity.

Charged by artists, social entrepreneurs and civic innovators, a new vision for Wynwood’s blank urban canvas launches the journey. The story expands into a sweeping culture shift throughout the city – the wide ranging movement dubbed Miami Creative, supported by major initiatives and investments in the arts from government, foundations, private individuals and local business.

Fellman’s vivid images give you a front row seat to iconic views and pivotal moments of the New Miami. A Miami that has matured from being a teenager enthralled with celebrity and nightlife, to an adulthood defined by a sense of pride and community in the cultural arts which have transformed the city.

Selected from images captured at hundreds of events and venues, Fellman’s photos bring you behind the scenes and into the action. The photographer’s immediate style makes you part of the experience, breaking the barrier between observer and participant. His unorthodox angles pull you in and provoke you to consider the familiar anew.

The book’s many intimate views of smiles and joy invite us to share the moment, and the mutual trust between artist and subject. These photographs lead us beneath the surface to experience a palpable spirit of connection. They are a roadmap and beacon leading us out of the pandemic to build community.

Miami Creative is a featured Miami Book Fair panel presentation with Alberto Ibargüen, president and CEO of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and leading urbanist Richard Florida. The exhibition of project images at Miami Center for Architecture and Design and can be toured virtually at MCAD.