Jumping, Miami Beach, 1954






Art Store:   Legendary Pearl Paint Resurrected in Miami


Barry Fellman’s Art Store recreates the central core of the last remaining Pearl Paint Art Supply Store. Art Store is a life size installation comprised of the original paints, inks, pastels, brushes, supplies, display cases, and store fixtures from Pearls largest store, all rescued from the company’s liquidators. The 25 store chain became an icon of the art world shortly after opening its first store in New York over 80 years ago. Its loss has caused many tears to be shed throughout arts communities nationwide.

Art Store extends Duchamp’s seminal “Readymades”, sourced from consumer culture, to a collection of mass produced objects used to create art. The installation provokes questions about the availability of art supplies and how their use is changing as artists adopt digital technology and new forms of presentation. In Miami Art Store challenges the community to support its students and schools by serving as a rallying point for the donation of art supplies for classroom use.
Miami New Times Review     Installation Photographs    Press Release
Art Store Creativity Workshop Photos and Video.

CVC Sponsors Photography Program at Biscayne Nature Center


CVC designed a new photography curriculum for Biscayne Nature Center’s month long summer camp for 4th graders that tied into the camp’s science and ecology themes. Students used 20 new Canon digital cameras donated by CVC to make photos of the diverse ecosystem areas of Key Biscayne that surround the Nature Center. This pilot project will serve as a model for year-round programs at the Nature Center. We are pleased to report that the program was the subject of a full page feature in the Miami Herald and that an advanced photo program for next year’s summer camp is already in the work.
See student photography here.

The Best of Bunny at Bunny Yeager Studio
Celebrating Yeager’s Most Famous Models and Photographs

Bunny Yeager Self Portrait Backyard_How I Photograph Myself_web-1

Our memorial exhibition celebrates Yeager’s iconic images from her early career to recent photo shoots at her new studio. Included are previously unseen self-portraits remarkable for their originality and directness and vintage photographs from Yeager’s archive made on location in South Florida and Mexico.

Bunny Yeager is the legendary model, photographer, writer and swimsuit designer whose pictures of Bettie Page catapulted both Page and Yeager to fame in 1954. The publication of Yeager’s centerfold photo of Bettie Page in Playboy launched Yeager’s photographic career and began a lifelong friendship with Hugh Hefner, the magazine’s publisher.

Yeager defined a new genre of portraiture with her sensual images of the girl next door and with her self portraits. Beginning with her early photographs for men’s magazines in the 1950’s she produced compelling images both in the studio and on location. Her groundbreaking work inspired and influenced a new generation of photographers from Cindy Sherman to those who shoot swimsuit models outdoors for Sports Illustrated.

Press release here.

Clyde Butcher


From mountain waterfalls to lush green jungles, from grassy swamps to sandy beaches Butcher’s photographs reveal the seductive beauty, subtle grandeur and majesty of America’s landscape and now Cuba’s untouched heritage. Butcher’s photographs seem larger than life, like the artist himself, and compel us to step into the places he depicts. His unique talent is that he sees and feels vistas that sing the spirit of place.

Paola Gracey


Paola Gracey’s vibrantly colored paintings share formal qualities of line and rhythm with the pours of Morris Louis and Helen Frankenthaler, incorporating ideas and media she has been exploring for over a decade. The paintings are rooted in the compounds and chemicals that describe the materials, liquids and gases that are part of our everyday world.

Spirit of Place: Darby Bannard
with John Bailly, Jacqueline Gopie, and Kathleen Staples

Tunguska 2012
Motion Pending 2011

Spirit of Place brings together renowned Miami Master Darby Bannard with three outstanding mid-career Miami artists who have long admired his example while evolving their own distinct, highly individual styles that reflect the nature of their environment. Darby Bannard’s paintings are inspired by the striking endless flat vistas of the Everglades and the lowering sun and flamboyant clouds of the evening sky. This inspiration is also manifested in small mixed-media landscapes named after Florida towns. John Bailly’s work combines genstural brushstrokes with images of humans figures, maps, and urban images, capturing the essence of a place while imaginateively juxtaposing fragments of depicted forms as if they are both emerging from and sinking into their surroundings. Jaqueline Gopie paints large canvases with quick, spontaneous strokes and swirls of bright, often transparent color that evoke moments of delight experienced by children playing in the beaches and surf of her native Jamaica. Kathleen Staples creates dramatic effects which are quirky, lively, startling and full of humor. Implied references to turbulent natural processes like flowing lava, wind-whipped ocean or desiccated earth are tamed by starkly simple geometric forms in eccentric colors, sometimes built out in relief with brightly colored gel or or gritty modeling paste. See press release here.

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