HURRICANE Art Exhibition Launches Launches Miami Book Fair Nov 12 – 19
Spectacular Images by Barry Fellman Transform Devastation into Art

Twenty Five years ago the most damaging hurricane to hit the US in nearly a century slammed into Miami-Dade County. HURRICANE shows the drama and devastation wreaked by the Category 5 storm through spectacular bold images, most of which have never been seen before. The book focuses on the effect of the storm’s extreme forces at the Kendall-Tamiami airport, just blocks away from Country Walk, the residential community that was completely decimated at this pivotal moment in Florida history.

Barry Fellman’s powerful color photographs pack a punch that hits you with the intensity of a once in a lifetime event. These not to be missed pictures transport you to an unreal world where the photographer transforms the chaos of twisted metal and disoriented surfaces into art. One of the central lessons of the book, just as important today as it was 25 years ago, is how changing one’s point of view can lead to new ways of thinking and informing what we do and see.

HURRICANE features essays by New York Times photography critic Vicki Goldberg, and then WTVJ-NBC chief meteorologist and hero Bryan Norcross, “the man who talked South Florida through” the Great Hurricane of 1992.

The publication is available as a limited edition Artist’s Book with a handcrafted embossed metallic cover, and a soft cover trade edition. Each edition features painstakingly reproduced color-accurate full page images, individually printed to give the impact of the photographer’s original large format color transparencies.

HURRICANE will be featured at the upcoming Miami Book Fair with an art exhibition and a panel presentation by the author and Bryan Norcross on November 18. The special exhibition of large format prints from the book will be on view at the primary event venue of the Book Fair from November 12 to 19 at MDC’s Downtown Campus main building atrium.
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About the artist and writers:

Barry Fellman
Barry Fellman’s photographs have been exhibited at museums, galleries and public venues in South Florida and nationally. Fellman, a native Miamian, has contributed to the cultural landscape as an artist, educator and curator. He currently serves as director of Center for Visual Communication, a South Florida based non-profit organization that provides visual arts resources and programming to government, schools and cultural institutions. Fellman is a Silver Knight awardee and is a recipient of a Pollock-Krasner grant for visual arts.

Vicki Goldberg
Vicki Goldberg is an award winning author and critic. She has served as photography critic for New York Times for over a decade. Her articles on art and photography have also appeared in numerous publications including Vanity Fair, Smithsonian, Aperture, Art in America and ArtNews. Her most recent book, Bruce Davidson (a biography), follows her critically acclaimed biography of Margaret Bourke-White and other publications that regularly appear on best photography books lists.

Bryan Norcross
Bryan Norcross received national acclaim as “the man who talked South Florida through” Hurricane Andrew. As WTVJ-NBC’s chief meteorologist and hurricane specialist he put systems in place that gave South Florida residents their only continuous broadcast connection to live updates and resources during and after the storm. His new book My Hurricane Andrew Story is an in depth look at preparation, terror and resilience by the man who became a local hero of all who went through the Great Hurricane of 1992.

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