The Center for Visual Communication celebrates the life and art of Robert Rauschenberg with the first major survey of our time’s most important visual artist since his death earlier this year.
The exhibition focuses on Rauschenberg’s prints as a window into the artist’s working methods and creative process. Nine major series of works are included in the show as complete sets including his last project “The Lotus Series” of 12 prints which are some of his most elegant and evocative works. This is the first time that these works will be exhibited together.
Rauschenberg‘s enthusiasm for our commonly shared experiences and the objects that surround us formed the basis of a new genre of art. Throughout all his work he invites us to appreciate the things, people and spaces that are part of our everyday lives. In the printmaking studio he melded images from popular culture, newspapers and television into a rich and fluid medium that crossed painting, printmaking, photography and sculpture. Using this new visual genre he was able to evoke the rhythm and music of life through the reflection, repetition, position and color of visual elements.