Mangrove Coast

Barry Fellman’s Mangrove Coast project explores the realm of marine and shore life around South Florida’s mangroves. His images of the Biscayne Bay coastline share his thrill and curiosity about place through the element of surprise and the excitement of discovery.

Fellman’s images seduce you, inviting you closer to understand them. As you approach they clarify into familiar forms of sea grasses and shells, while basic notions of scale and distance remain a mystery until your nose is nearly pressed against the photograph. You then realize you are looking at a wondrous and fantastic view of the shoreline, full of secrets and mysteries.

The mangrove ecosystem provides shoreline protection and serves as the economic base for the recreational and commercial activities that have made South Florida prosper. It recycles nutrients and is the breeding and feeding grounds for hundreds of species, nurturing a wide range of marine life, amphibians, birds, and mammals.

These images portray the spirit of place by connecting with our own appreciation of the natural environment. Fellman’s aim is to strengthen these connections which are crucial to preserving the mangrove habitat, the lynchpin of our community’s natural landscape.

Mangrove Coast at Art Miami is one of four invited components of the Deep See project highlighting awareness about climate change, sea level rise and marine conservation. For more information visit