Our presentation of original works by the New York based collective International Composers and Interactive Artists included music, dance and video by nine talented artists. The performances and visuals, designed to engage the audience, accomplished their goal by interweaving improvisation with live and recorded musical performances for saxophone and electronic music. And by inviting participation by the crowd of 50 who joined us for the evening. The works presented tied into the aesthetic of the abstract paintings by Darby Bannard and John Bailly which are on exhibition in our project space. Dancer Lisa Naugle caught us off-guard with the hilarious improvisational elements she interjected in her choreography. We all enjoyed continuing the conversation with the performers afterwards. Thanks to artists Charles Nichols, Caroline Newman, Chan Ji Kim, Carlos Delgado, Eric Klein, Linda Marcel, Hubert Howe, Lisa Naugle and James Archer. And thanks to FETA Foundation and Juraj Kojs for organizing the evening.