Bettie Page by Bunny Yeager
                                                     Bunny and Bettie Page, Africa USA,1954, Silver Gelatin Photograph, 24 x 20

Bunny Yeager is the famous photographer, model, and swimsuit designer who changed the way America approached sensuality during the explosive cultural shift of the 1950's and 1960's. Her iconic images of Bettie Page were published in Playboy and brought overnight fame to both photographer and model.

                        Bunny's New Book:
                        Bunny Yeager's Darkroom:
                        Pin-up Photography's Golden Era
                        Signed Copies Available at CVC. Only $60.

                        This fabulous coffee table book includes Bunny Yeager's most iconic shots of legendary Bettie Page as well as                                 many self-portraits, excerpts from her 1960s how-to manuals and dozens of other beautiful women shot in the                                 studio and on location. 

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